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Taking control of Type 2 Diabetes

Although diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2010, Louise suspected the chronic condition had started to make its presence felt years earlier.

The 55-year old from the ACT said at the time of the diagnosis, she had also been living with chronic arthritis, which had interrupted her busy life and shifted her focus away from health and fitness. This was also the trigger of a series of operations, which included shoulder and ankle reconstructions.

“I was overweight and not exercising at the time,” she says.

She had an inkling something was not quite right when a blood test in 2010 returned a result of high blood sugar levels.

However, this was quickly discounted by the GP as “odd” but not unusual.

The pieces of the puzzle finally fell into place after she visited another GP and received a result that confirmed her suspicions.

“It explained why I was tired all the time although I didn’t have any obvious symptoms,” Louise says.

“It was just a quiet time bomb sitting there.”

At the time of her diagnosis with Type 2 diabetes she had been attempting to get her fitness back on track.

“I’d lost weight and I was very active, going to the gym and doing all the things I should have been doing,” she says.

Afterwards, Louise admits to falling back into bad habits.

“I thought, ‘I can live with this’ and didn’t do a huge amount differently for a while,” she says.

Louise started using MyHealthTest, partly to take responsibility for and control of the condition.

She also loved the simplicity and convenience of the online test.

“It works remarkably well for me,” Louise says. “Because you can do it at home, I tend to do it on a more regular basis.

“MyHealthTest gives you a sense of control over a disease that is out of your control”


“You don’t need to have a needle in the arm, it’s just a finger prick on a piece of paper and you put it in the mail.

“I also love that the process is available to people who live in remote regions. It helps people with diabetes who aren’t close to a medical centre and makes it easier for them to do their own monitoring.”

Louise says that while MyHealthTest would never be a replacement for the full annual check-up at the GP’s, it does save a huge amount of time that would be otherwise spent in waiting rooms at both the doctor and pathology collection centre.

“What is does give you is a sense of control over a disease that is out of your control,” Louise says.

“Type 2 diabetes doesn’t necessarily fit a stereotype, so everyone should get checked regularly.”

+ Louise is also a shareholder of MyHealthTest

If you’d like more information about diabetes testing, visit Diabetes Australia or Diabetes NSW&ACT.


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