We are pleased to announce that Trajan Scientific and Medical have welcomed Staff and Operations of the MyHealthTest service into our team. Please note that while we make necessary changes and improvements to the service, MyHealthTest will remain unavailable. If you are an existing MyHealthTest customer, you will be contacted regarding the transfer of your health data. For any enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact info@myhealthtest.com. Thank you for your support.


MyHealthTest provides a range of clinical laboratory research services to the health industry and research institutions. Our team have significant experience in the development, validation and verification of immunoassay (ELISA, time-resolved fluorescence), liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry (LC-MS) and biochemistry methods for clinical use. We have considerable expertise in dried blood spot (DBS) technology, a useful tool for remote testing.

Our PC2 laboratory is equipped with a range of instruments capable of producing high quality, accurate and precise data including LC-MS/MS, clinical biochemistry analyser, plate spectrophotometers, automated DBS sampler and associated ancilliary equipment.

All research and development work is conducted and tracked within the MyHealthTest quality management system.

We have dedicated clinical suites onsite for collection of human clinical samples and streamlined processes for recruitment of participants for research studies.

The MyHealthTest team understand the regulatory environment for validation of novel tests and can advise on best practice to ensure your project is supported by meaningful statistical data and international standards are achieved.

Our existing commercial DBS tests are widely used for external research projects where remote sampling of study participants is necessary. See our Diabetes, Thyroid and Vitamin D test services for more information.

Can we help with your research needs? Contact us: info@myhealthtest.com

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